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  • All sessions are approximately 1 hour. Sessions will begin and end promptly on schedule.

  • Please see your instructor’s link in bio for rates and payment options. 

  • Wear fitted, comfortable clothing with NO zippers or buttons. (Zippers can create damage to equipment that is expensive and difficult to repair)


  • Wear socks during your session to maximize hygiene or go sockless at your own risk.

  • For your safety, remove dangling jewelry and bracelets. 

  • Please avoid wearing perfumes as others may have sensitivities.

  • Please SILENCE your cell phone upon arrival.


  • A 24 Hour notice of cancellation time is required to avoid being charged for an appointment. Our teaching time is our living and often instructors can fill a canceled slot with notice. We understand that emergencies and illnesses can arise, therefore occasional last minute cancellations due to things such as emergencies, illnesses or inclement weather will generally not result in any missed session charges, however this is to be determined at the practitioner's discretion.

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