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Who/What Is Pilates?

Joseph H. Pilates was a German gymnast, pugilist, and physical trainer who immigrated to the United States in the 1920s. His life-long dedication to movement and fitness led him to create a unique system of exercises and invent an ingenious array of spring-based equipment, all well ahead of its time. He called his method the ‘Art of Contrology’, now simply known as ‘Pilates’.

The Pilates Method is a broad system of physical exercises using specialized apparatus designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and mind/body connection. The exercises can range from highly acrobatic to gently flowing. The principles of the Pilates Method include: abdominal centering, concentration, control, breath, posture, flow, precision, endurance, and release. 

Along with his wife, Clara, Joe Pilates taught from his midtown Manhattan studio for decades, accumulating a host of admiring clients including dancers, actors, singers, and athletes. Unfortunately, he did not receive wide acclaim for his work in his lifetime but has left a legacy that is now practiced by millions worldwide.

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