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"I whole-heartedly endorse the teachings of Lea Yeager as one of the finest Pilates practitioners working today. Head, Hands, and Heart converge in Lea making her a thoughtful, skilled, and empathetic instructor. Lea is an artful master, gifted creative teacher, and consummate professional. She embodies all of the best qualities for effective Pilates instruction promoting positive change in client performance. She epitomizes integrity, expertise, and patience in her teaching. She has it all.


Over the years we worked side-by-side together, she has always exhibited both personal and professional integrity and was a reliable, generous, and essential part of my advanced 2-year teacher training programs. She acted as both a primary exercise demonstrator and my valued administrative and marketing assistant through six rounds of graduate school training. My business was elevated by her contributions." 

Karen H. Carlson
MFA Dance and Kinesiology, Pilates Master Teacher

"Lea is an incredible instructor who epitomizes integrity, expertise, and patience in her teaching. For the past 20 years, our work together has been transformative, not only in how my body feels but in how I approach teaching my own students.  Her attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make Pilates accessible to everyone and relevant at every stage of life.  Without a doubt, my Pilates sessions with Lea are the highlight of my week and the reason I can continue to work and teach at a demanding pace."

Lori Lahnemann
Director, The Philadelphia Dance Academy
Client of 20+ years

"I have been active all my life; jogging, skiing, biking, etc. Unfortunately, not without injuries and their consequences.  I have been working with Lea every week for about the last 10 years.  She (and Pilates) saved me!  I never fail to leave her studio pain free.  She is the most knowledgeable and caring trainer I have ever worked with… a gift!!" 

Caryl Haynes-Cogan

"I have been working with Lea for about 20 years. Now well into my early 70s, I am strong, energetic, and an agent of my own lively body. To a large degree, I attribute this to what I have learned through the years of Pilates practice with Lea.  She so clearly and precisely communicates her deep knowledge of skeletal and muscular anatomy along with how the body moves. As a teacher,  she has given me the gift of managing and healing my own body. 

Underpinning her knowledge are her high standards and impeccable integrity for her own work. These extend to the newly assembled talented group of others in her expanded studio."

Gerri Spilka
Fabric Artist, Founder of Non-profit Consulting Firm


"I have been working with Lea for over 15 years and doing Pilates with her has been life-saving for me both physically and emotionally. Lea is a brilliant practitioner. She is a terrific teacher, able to explain movement with great specificity and with useful metaphors so that I can do the exercises with precision. She is very sensitive to the needs of my body and to my mood, and is able to meet my needs on any given week. She is very creative, yet careful, always able to find a way around my periodic physical limitations. Regardless of how I feel when I arrive, at the end of each session, I feel strong, balanced, and happy."

Susan Schewel


"Lea sometimes refers to 'her teacher.'  That's what Lea is for me.  She pays close attention, calmly and gracefully demonstrates each step, and conveys an enthusiastic appreciation for all the body can do." 

Steven Osterhout


"Lea Yeager gives total attention to each of her clients, responding to their personal needs and problems. She has trained this 82-year-old to be more aware of her body than ever before, and I have been able to make positive changes because of Lea's sensitive suggestions." 



"I have taken Pilates with Lea for many years. She is an incredible, professional person. Her expertise in Pilates goes far beyond anyone else I have ever worked with in the past. Her studio is clean and welcoming, and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. I strongly recommend her."


"Lea Yeager has been my Pilates trainer for three years…but so much more. Lea's in-depth knowledge and empathetic personality to coach and support, has improved my physical and mental well being. Her varied skill set, knowledge and insight has kept my osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at bay. Lea listens and interprets what the body needs, on any given day, and modifies the workout plan accordingly. I have, and will continue to recommend Lea and SpringHaus Pilates as the ultimate means to improve one’s health and enjoy the process!"

Wendy Graham, business owner 

"When I exercise at SpringHaus Pilates, I know that i am working with some of the most talented practitioners in the field. This studio is a vibrant community of talented teachers trained but only in Pilates but also more broadly in human anatomy and movement. I look forward to every hour that I spend there!!"

Wendy Born, business owner

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